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This beautiful polished wooden box contains 4 wonderful wines from the cellars of Marchesi Antinori.Vini high quality, refined and elegant that continue to collect the highest awards of the international wine jury.

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The modern Antinori cellars while introducing new technologies in viticulture have shown that you can produce the highest quality wines in strict compliance with ancient traditions and updated without losing their original character. These wines are known and appreciated all over the world, unique and incomparable as the Chianti Classico complex, full-bodied, well-structured, full of aromas and obtained from the Sangiovese grape variety of at least 80%, or Achelo made from Syrah grapes in purity.

-Bellissima Deposit wood 4 painted bottles.

1-bottle of Chianti Classico DOCG Antinori Pèppoli 0.75 l

This wine, which comes from the vineyards of Pèppoli estate, is a Chianti Classico made from Sangiovese grapes with a small addition of Merlot and Syrah, meant to be consumed in the full expression of frutto.L'affinamento in Slavonian oak 55 hectoliters and 10% in American oak barrels, lasts for a maximum period of nine months which is followed by a further aging in bottle.
HISTORICAL DATA: Pèppoli was introduced in 1988 with the first vintage in 1985 and represents the combination of a complex wine, well structured but with a fruity character, full of aromas. It is produced in the homonymous estate in Chianti Classico; starting 2013 vintage of the grapes is vinified directly in the new Antinori wine cellar in Chianti Classico.
CLIMATE: The 2013 vintage was characterized by frequent rainfall during the winter and temperatures below average during the spring months. Budding occurred late 10-15 days than the average. The warm, arrived around the middle of July, it has accelerated the ripening process of the grapes that have continued regularly during the summer. The high temperatures and excellent thermal excursions during the month of September allowed us to arrive at a proper ripening of the grapes.
WINE MAKING: the varieties were vinified separately: Sangiovese has played the steel maceration for about 10 days, Merlot and Syrah grapes were macerated longer to produce wines with soft tannins and preserve the fruity notes. The malolactic fermentation took place before winter for all three varieties. At the beginning of the year the wine was blended and introduced in wood for about a year. The "aging" took place in Slavonian oak and 10% in barriques. It 'was then bottled in the spring of 2015.
TASTING NOTES: intense ruby ​​red color, the nose is characterized by notes of cherry. The nose is full with shades of purple, characteristics of Sangiovese, spices and vanilla. The palate is balanced and tasty wine with good acidity typical of Sangiovese and supplied sugar. The tannins are soft enough, stand out in the aftertaste fruity and spicy notes typical of refinement in wood. Overall it is a persistent and pleasant wine.
Alcohol 13%. Manufacturer: Marchesi Antinori. Grapes: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot and Syra. year 2013

1-Bottle Villa Antinori Rosso Toscana IGT Marchesi Antinori 0.75 l

Made from grapes carefully selected from the best vineyards of Marchesi Antinori in Tuscany. After a 12-month aging in French oak barrels, American and Hungarian, the wine is aged for a further 8 months in bottle. It is a complex wine with good structure but with soft tannins and elegant.
HISTORICAL DATA: The Red Villa was first introduced in 1928 by Marquis Niccolò Antinori, father of Piero Antinori, as the first Chianti produced to be aged and improve over time. In 2001, Piero Antinori inaugurates a new evolution of Villa Antinori Toscana who becomes a I.G.T, produced with the best selections of grapes coming exclusively from farms owned in Tuscany. The label design has remained unchanged since 1928, he was slightly restyled with the 1990 vintage and 2001.
CLIMATE: vintage characterized by lack of rain during the winter and all summer except for the month of April and the first days of May when the rain has ensured the steady growth of the vine. hot summer anticipated collections of Merlot and Syrah early September. The harvest of Sangiovese and Cabernet instead began the last days of September and ended early October. The grapes were healthy and of good quality.
WINE-MAKING: The grapes were de-stemmed and pressed in a soft and put in special thermo-conditioned tanks. The alcoholic fermentation is started the day after crushing and lasted from 5 to 7 days; maceration, on the other hand, duration is from 8 to 12 days. The fermentation temperature did not exceed 28 ° C for the Cabernet and Sangiovese grapes, thus promoting the extraction of color and tannins. In the case of Syrah and Merlot they have not exceeded 25 ° C to preserve the aromas. The resulting wine is malolactic fermentation in the months of October and November, after which it was introduced into French, Hungarian and American oak barrels for an aging period of 12 months. The wine was then bottled and aged for 8 months in bottle.
TASTING NOTES: Ruby red color, intense and complex bouquet reminiscent of ripe red fruit, sweet spices and dried fruit. The palate has a good body, is round with soft and velvety tannins, the finish is long and fruity.
Alcohol 13.5%. Manufacturer: Marchesi Antinori. Grapes: Mostly Sangiovese, with smaller amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. year 2013

1 Bottle Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG Tenuta Tignanello Antinori 0.75 l

This full-bodied wine and round is the synthesis of a selection of the best Sangiovese and Cabernet grapes cultivated in the Tignanello vineyard. The wine was introduced in new oak barrels, where by the end of malolactic fermentation. The aging in barrels lasts for about 14 months followed by an additional 12 months in bottle.
HISTORICAL DATA: The Marchese Antinori is produced from vintage 2011, exclusively from the selection of grapes from vineyards of Tenuta Tignanello, in Mercatale Val di Pesa zone in Chianti Classico.
CLIMATE: After a mild and dry autumn, the winter season was marked, especially in the months of January and February, as cold temperatures and regular rainfall. In particular, in the first half of February the temperature suddenly dropped and we were snowy phenomena, which in any case did not cause any problems to the plants. Spring began with a climate rather dry and cool, so that budding and flowering have elapsed with a slight delay compared to the average in preceding years; the months of April and May, by contrast, have ensured a good rainfall, which was fundamental to support the long summer drought, starting in June and until the end of August, has conditioned the development of the plants, both in leaf walls in the size and weight of the bunch. The rains of the last days of August have rebalanced the vineyards, allowing all varieties to continue regularly the ripening processes. The months of September and October, both mild and moderately rainy, allowed the grapes to develop both in the sugar ripeness, and in the technological and phenolic; collections were concentrated in the period between 20 September and the first days of October.
WINE MAKING: the climatic conditions have imposed, since the time of collection, a careful selection in the vineyard and in the cellar: the grapes were gently de-stemmed and carefully selected grapes on sorting tables in order to preserve the most of the typical components perfumes and so important in the Sangiovese, but also in Cabernet Sauvignon. Once in stainless steel tanks, the musts were soaked with very soft pumping and delestage so as to guarantee an intense but at the same time as to preserve the elegance and sweet tannins. From the beginning of the winemaking process, the must have presented a good amount of color and an important structure. Alcoholic fermentation shall be operative in about a week, after which the wines have remained in contact with the skins for further 9-10 days. After racking, they were immediately placed in oak barrels for most of French origin for malolactic fermentation, which shall be operative in a spontaneous way by the end of the year; after racking, the wines, still separated by the origins of the vineyard, they faced the aging in French and Hungarian oak barrels for about a year. During this long phase, the different batches were tasted and constantly controlled, in order to enhance to the maximum the evolution of wood, to be then assembled at the end of the aging period. The wine was then bottled and then continued its aging in the bottle for another 12 months.
TASTING NOTES: intense ruby ​​red color, the Marchese Antinori 2012 at the nose is fine and elegant, with notes of red fruits and licorice. In the mouth it is soft, sweet, with firm tannins and decided; the acidity gives the wine an excellent verticality, which is expressed in an authentic and very persistent aftertaste.
Alcohol 13.5%. Manufacturer: Marchesi Antinori. Grapes: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet. Year 2012

1-bottle Achelo Cortona Syrah DOC Antinori 0.75 l

"Achelo" is a rich red and dynamic, combining the typical depth of the variety to the typical freshness of vintage wines.
Historical data: Fattoria La Braccesca, which together covers a total area of ​​471 hectares, is composed of two separate bodies: the historic core of the company that is located in the Montepulciano area, with 103 ha of vineyards in the best sub-zones for the production of Nobile di Montepulciano; the other, with 213 hectares of vineyards, located at the foot of the hills surrounding Cortona.
Climate: The winter was characterized by mild temperatures and abundant rainfall, which allowed to replenish the water reserves of the soil after a drought. The last 10 days of April ended the budding of the varieties is early (Merlot and Syrah) and late (Sangiovese), thanks to a strong rise in temperatures. Both the spring that summer in 2013 were fresh and characterized by abundant rainfall. This has not damaged the development of the plant, which took place on a regular basis, only slightly delaying the period of ripening of the grapes. Despite being a late harvest, it led to a smooth and balanced ripening of the grapes.
Fermentation: Syrah vineyards intended for Achelo was collected from the middle of September. After de-stemming and crushing berries, started the maceration of the grapes in the cellar, prior to cold weather (10 ° C), so as to extract the typical aromas of the grape in aqueous solution, then with temperatures no higher than 28 ° C , with the objective of maintaining the aromas and the integrity of the fruit. After about 10 days the wine was made for the 70% Wood, where he held the malolactic fermentation and where it began its period of maturation. The remainder carried out the steel refining. Bottling took place in early 2013.
Tasting notes: Achelo 2013 reflects extremely favorable year for the ripening of the Syrah. Intense purplish color, the nose gives off notes typical of the grape as white fruits combined with tobacco and pepper. The palate is full and smooth, with notes of white peach, plum and blackberry, along with notes of tobacco and spices, accompanied throughout the tasting.
Alcohol 14%. Manufacturer: Marchesi Antinori. Grapes: 100% Syrah. year 2013

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