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Gift Ideas Best Italian Wines is part of the online selection of the rarest and most sought after dishes and wines paired with the finest Italian wines.

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The widest selection of Italian wines with regional specialties selected to satisfy the most demanding gourmets of every nationality. Gift Italian wines contain:

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1 Bottle Five Roses Rosato IGT Salento
At this wine was given the name of five roses since several generations each of the families De Castris had five children. The English translation was specially designed with foresight for the foreign market and the number five was probably the good luck of the company.
Nowadays de Castris is one of the most famous Italian wine companies in the world and is located in the north west of the Salento peninsula which has ancient traditions in the cultivation of vines and production of wine, thanks to the mild and sunny climate that favors the development of the grapes.
Five Roses is an elegant wine, bright and fruity, obtained in maximum percentage by Negroamaro with, at times, a percentage up to 10% of black Malvasia. It gives off the heat of the sun of southern Italy thanks to the unique characteristics of the bouquet and flavor. The pride of the company de Castris. In 2013 Five Roses won the Oscar of the best wine.

1 Bottle Nebbiolo d'Alba Doc Ligabue
The great tradition of the Costa family produces this wine from the end of 1800 and, from generation to generation have been handed down experience, passion and respect for the vineyard that produces it and that was dubbed "bric Coast" .This vineyard located on the beautiful hills Castellinaldo is close to the best in the area for its exposure to the southwest and to the terrain. Nebbiolo is the most noble and ancient among the vineyards of Piedmont, rich in history and tradition and the region itself is fully aware of owning the largest area of ​​the whole country for the production of great red wines.
Nebbiolo Ligabue produced by the winery Teo Costa is a robust red wine, aged in large oak barrels and comes exclusively from their own vineyard Castellinaldo, a small but charming hill town, near Alba. This Nebbiolo has the classic aromatic scent of ripe red fruits, with hints of tar, floral undertones and tannic backbone. It is a wine to be enjoyed in a much younger age than those of Barolo and Barbaresco.

1 Bottle Nicolis Valpolicella Classico DOC
"In this corner of the earth is the real soul of wine": with these words the Nicolis family expresses all the love for their land and the noblest of its fruits: the wine. This small family has always been strongly linked to their land, Valpolicella, which includes a series of small valleys characterized by a mild climate and lush vineyards. In fact, the founder Angelo Nicolis in 1951 was the first to turn this love of the land in true art of making wine .From then the company always produces high quality wines, in relatively small amounts as always very attentive to quality rather than quantity.
Valpolicella is the classic wines of Nicolis. This wine comes from grapes
Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara and is a young wine, very characteristic, perfect to be served throughout the meal. Very pleasant.

1 Bottle Santa Cecilia Nero D'Avola Doc
Planeta, owner of the winery of the same name, is a family closely linked to Sicily. For many years Alessia Francesca and Santi continued to experiment with different growing areas of their precious vines. Eventually it was decided that Noto, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the characteristics of the soil, was the area most suitable for the maturation of the most noble and precious Sicilian grape varieties. In fact in Noto, cradle of Sicilian Baroque, and exactly in the district Buonivini, they built their winery invisible, completely buried in the ground to avoid the visual impact and respecting the landscape, in which they made incredible efforts and numerous experiments to get to produce high quality wines. The entire complex is environmentally friendly: solar panels provide the energy and the use of biomass intervenes to respect for nature and environmental balance. Always very careful to respect the old traditions and culture of the cultivation of grapes and production of wine, the youth of the Planeta family have always been very interested to innovation, looking to the future as only the young are able to do.
Nero d'Avola is one of their wines that best represents the tradition of Sicilian wine and celebrating the flavors of the island with his character, his strength, the power structure, the intensity of the aroma and flavor, but still elegant, balanced, lightweight and generous.

1 Bottle San Felice Chianti Classico DOCG

The history of the estate of San Felice began in the eighteenth century when it was purchased by the family of Grisaldi Taja founder of the consortium Chianti Classico. Grisaldi family over the centuries continues to produce the Chianti Classico until 1958 when Enzo Morganti, a supporter of pure Sangiovese becomes the new owner.
Currently Leonardo Bellaccini is the sole owner of Agricola San Felice and that, after decades of experimentation with clones of Sangiovese continues to be himself supporter of pure Sangiovese.
The vineyards of San Felice are situated between the sloping hills of Castelnuovo Berardenga to Siena but a small area of ​​the vineyard continues to be used for the testing of the genetic improvement of the Sangiovese grape.
The Chianti Classico is made to '80% Sangiovese, 10% Colorino, 10% Pugnitello.
It is a medium-bodied wine that goes perfectly with red meat, pasta dishes, steaks, ossibuco and aged cheeses.

1 Bottle Lirica Primitivo di Manduria Dop
The production center is in the Primitivo of Bari Taranto, a city that faces the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of Puglia. Primitivo is produced by the Consorzio Produttori Vini Rossi and Mosti, a cooperative made up of 400 members, called "masters in Primitivo" because of their long experience in the field of winemaking. Within the consortium, through the work of the masters, it is a museum that brings together ancient work tools and documents that tell the story of this ancient wine. Opera di Manduria is a still wine, full bodied, naturally sweet, rich, thick, with berry flavors and elegant tannins in its aftertaste. A superb sipping wine that goes very well with dishes strong flavor as red meat, steaks, roast lamb, kebabs, cheese and cold cuts.

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