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Our wine shop offers a selection of wines from the Italian regions with the greatest tradition in the production of special wines especially from Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Sicily, Puglia, Campania, Friuli, Trentino Alto Adige.

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We have selected the most representative wines of Italian regional production. Regional wines renowned for taste and fame as those contained in the box Gift Box Special Italian Wines:
Elegant wooden box plywood with recessed hinge 33.5x50.5x17
1- Bottle Happiness White Salento IGT Bottle 0,750 l
A famous wine that has taken the name of the song Felicità.Da a selection of white grapes, mainly Sauvignon, the wine cellars of Al Bano Carrisi produce this wine to which they have given the name of "happiness ''. The collection, particularly cured, aims to protect the unique characteristics of these grapes

1- bottle Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 0,750 l
Fine wine of the noblest and oldest in Italy. And 'one of the oldest wines of Italy. In two papers of 789 and 1350 settled the terms for trade and export of wine in the district of Montepulciano. From those dates, the history shows important steps related to this noble wine to more recent dates when he was awarded the DOC in 1966 and DOCG in 1999.

1- Bottle Five Roses bottle 0.75l
The first rose wine to be bottled and sold in Italy. Rosato IGT Salento. The Five Roses is the best known wine company Lion de Castris, was the first rose wine to be bottled and sold in Italy, derived mainly from Negroamaro

1- bottle of Barolo Monroj Teo Costa DOCG 0,75 l
Barolo is one of the greatest Italian wines, rich in incomparable tradition and history, called "the wine of kings and the king of wines" .Incomparabile character designation of origin and guaranteed Monroj Barolo is made from grapes of La Morra laughing It situated on a wonderful hill in Piedmont. The company Teo Costa produces this excellent Barolo of exceptional complexity and delicacy, with long aging and structure still and focused. 2009 vintage.

1-Bottle Sonnet Primitivo di Manduria 2010 Reserve Each bottle is unique from 0.75l
Obtained only from grapes of Primitivo wine unfiltered and not refrigerated, the possible presence of sediment is considered natural, we recommend decanting before serving. A wine that is the essence of Salento in Puglia.

1- Bottle Barbaresco DOCG Lancaia Teo Costa in 2010 from 0.75 l
Noble wine made from Nebbiolo Langhe in Piedmont. Aged red wine of great structure and longevity, but at the same time elegant, made from Nebbiolo Langhe, considered one of the great Italian wines. Barbaresco like Barolo is rich in tradition and history so as to be defined as the brother and it took its own rules of protection already in 1966, becoming one of the first Italian wines DOC and DOCG one of the first in 1980

1-bottle of Barbera d'Alba Castellinaldo 0,750 l
DOC For six generations the Costa lend their attention to the hills of this beautiful medieval village: Castellinaldo, a village of 900 souls who always showed great potential and elegance with the Barbera grape. Here in 1990 Roberto Costa, president of the Association that brings together all the wine growers of the country, and leans strongly in favor of the specification of the sub Castellinaldo linked to particular Barbera of his country. The numerous international awards obtained by the company Teo Costa with this wine of great power are proof.

1- Bottle Santa Cecilia Nero D'Avola Doc 0,750 l
Planeta, owner of the winery of the same name, is a family closely linked to Sicily. For many years Alessia Francesca and Santi continued to experiment with different growing areas of their precious vines. Eventually it was decided that Noto, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the characteristics of the soil, was the area most suitable for the maturation of the most noble and precious Sicilian grape varieties. In fact in Noto, cradle of Sicilian Baroque, and exactly in the district Buonivini, they built their winery invisible, completely buried in the ground to avoid the visual impact and respecting the landscape, where they made incredible efforts and many experiments to get to produce high quality wines. The entire complex is environmentally friendly: solar panels provide the energy and the use of biomass intervenes to respect for nature and environmental balance. Always very careful to respect the old traditions and culture of the cultivation of grapes and production of wine, the youth of the Planeta family have always been very interested to innovation, looking to the future as only young people can do.
Nero d'Avola is one of their wines that best represents the Sicilian wine tradition that celebrates the flavors of the island with his character, his strength, the power structure, the intensity of the aroma and flavor, but still elegant, balanced, lightweight and generous.

1- Bottle Nicolis Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 0,750 l
Nicolis is a small family of owners and manufacturers operating in the district classic Amarone della Valpolicella. Angelo Nicolis has always worked in collaboration with his wife Natalia and three children. The family produces a superb Nicolis Amarone from 1951 the year in which the company was founded .From then the family became interested in treating wine quality rather than the quantity, always relatively small.
This rich, dry wine is characterized by its bold flavor and mature due to its particular winemaking process. In fact, immediately after the harvest, the grapes are subjected to so-called "flash-off" where through ventilation in semi-dry environment come to a stage of drying before essre pressed during gennaio.Tale process concentrates the sugar giving the wine l ' unmistakable flavor full-bodied and predisposes him to long periods of aging that can go from 10 to 15 years or even 30 to 50 bottling. In this area the technique that has traditions.
The prestigious Nicolis Amarone 2008 has received numerous awards and international recognition, while the DOCG was recognized relatively recently compared to other wines.

1- bottle of Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino from 0,750 l
Brunello di Montalcino Castello Banfi is produced from the vineyards of the estate in the hills south of Banfi of Montalcino.
The history of the castle began in 1318, and after various events we come to 1983, when the castle in poor structural condition becomes part of the estate of Banfi who restructure, restoring its former glory. It is now a luxury hotel with rooms and suites overlooking the stunning panorama of each castle and the Tuscan hills.
The prestigious firm Banfi has combined in surprising ways the legacy of the ancient winemaking tradition with modern technology to produce a powerful wine but very elegant.
The harvest of 2009, thanks to a very favorable climate for the development of the grapes has given rise to an excellent wine that after 2 years of aging in French oak barrels and a further 2 years in oak casks getting better and better after a long and next aging.

1- The Grey Bottle Chianti Classico Riserva from 0,750 l
Here are a proud and noble wine, of few words and many facts, just like he could be The Grey, the legendary leader Renaissance, depicted by the label proud character painted by Titian. Produced by a selection of Sangiovese, the Grey expresses maximum elegance typical of Chianti Classico, showing the temperament, the strength and the ability to surprise the men of adventure, as reflected by the character of great character typical of the grape. And 'the most famous Italian wine in the world that even linked to the Italian tradition, today is also characterized by modernity and topicality finding consensus in both the taste of the general public of connoisseurs. On the palate back the taste of vanilla wood barrel aging.

1- Bottle Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG Winemakers Broccatelli Galli 0,750 theWine symbol of the new winemaking reality of Montefalco Sagrantino Collepiano draws its strength from a centuries-old tradition and uniqueness of the indigenous variety Sagrantino. Collepiano is the area of ​​production of Sagrantino and indicates the gentle slope of our hills. Pairings: Are those typical wine of great substance, ie roasts, game and dishes internazionale.Colore: Intense ruby ​​red with violet hues. Aroma: Very persistent nose with typical aromas of blackberries, plum and leather that bind perfectly with the vanilla given by legno.Gusto: Powerful, smooth and velvety.

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