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Christmas Basket Elegance and Quality


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 Elegant, rich and perfect for those who want to be sure to give a gift of class, useful and even lasting over time. In fact, the elegant fabric container can be reused as a comfortable furnishing accessory.

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The roomy container contains a triumph of eno-gastronomic goodness exclusively Made in Italy to make the lunch of the party more rich and complete, in the name of the Italian tradition good and genuine and appreciated all over the world.

Black/gray fabric box with lid;

 Bauli hand-wrapped Pandoro Christmas cake, 750 g;

Mionetto Vivo Cuvée Blanc spumante, 11°, one 750 ml bottle; Sant’Orsola Merlot, 11°, one 750 ml bottle;

 Vanoir assorted pastries, 200 g package;

 Baratti & Milano 75% Ecuadorian cacao chocolate bar, 75 g; Sperlari Morbidelli, 90 g package Sperlari Morbide Gelatine

soft fruit jellies, 100 g bag Ca’ Pont di Gragnano candele pasta, two 250 g packages;

Tenuta del Cervo boletus mushroom pasta sauce, 185 g jar;

 Piatti d’Autore pre-cooked cotechino salame, 250 g box;

 Tenuta del Cervo mignon lentils, 175 g bag;

 Bontàloro grilled peppers, 285 g jar;

 Bontàloro grilled vegetables, 285 g jar;

 Tenuta del Cervo sesame seed and rosemary flavoured breadsticks, 100 g;

Total 16 items ;

BOX MEASURES cm 60x40xh28;

To guarantee its integrity during transport, all glass products are packaged in the bubble wrap. It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as shown in the photo.