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Best Christmas Wine Gift Basket

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Browse our e-commerce the best Christmas wine gifts baskets. The beautiful wooden box "Best Wine Gift Basket Christmas" contains the best wines paired with food and Christmas cakes of high gastronomic level.

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In our selection of excellent food and wine you will find the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, employees or clients. Best Christmas Gift Basket Wine contains:

1-Lirica Primitivo di Manduria D.O.P. bottle 0.75l
Primitivo, a relative of the variety Plavac Mali in Croatia and Zinfandel in the United States, is a variety earlyripening, and its production center is the area east of Taranto, a coastal town located on the Ionian Sea. Intense and complex, with ripe fruit with red flesh (cherry, raspberry, blackberry), in good balance with a mention toasty wood.

1-Barbaresco DOCG Lancaia Teo Costa in 2010 from 0.75 l
Noble wine made from Nebbiolo Langhe in Piedmont. Aged red wine of great structure and longevity, but at the same time elegant, made from Nebbiolo Langhe, considered one of the great Italian wines. Barbaresco like Barolo is rich in tradition and history so as to be defined as a brother, and it has required its own rules of protection already in 1966, becoming one of the first Italian DOC wines and one of the first DOCG in 1980

1-Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC 2008 from 0.75 l
Princely wine, the spearhead of the precious production Nicolis. Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC is the spearhead of the precious production Nicolis: a princely wine, elegant and vigorous. In this exclusive wine and famous prevails the presence of grapes Corvine, formerly called queen of Veronese grapes which ensures the wine body, but also the smell that initially floral, becomes more and more fruity.

1-Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2009da 0.75 l
Considered one of the greatest expressions of Italian. Considered one of the greatest expressions of Italian wine, Brunello di Montalcino Castelli Banfi is produced exclusively from Sangiovese grapes, called a "Brunello", according to the rules of a strict set of rules that, in addition to establishing limits of yield per hectare, period Aging, product characteristics, states that before marketing the wine is submitted to a committee for the recognition of the requirements of particular value waves boast the Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed.

1-Basil Pesto alla Genovese with 130 g
Pesto alla Genovese with Basil Genovese. Tasty sauce for pasta and pasta dishes, great for enriching vegetable soups, boiled meat, boiled potatoes, tomatoes and vegetables. Ingredients: Olive oil, cashews, basil Genovese DOP (22%), sea salt, pine nuts.

1-Cream Tartuffon 80 g.
Cream with truffles and mushrooms. And good for the preparation of delicious sandwiches or to accompany pasta dishes refined.

1-Sauce Pecorino Romano Dop 180 g.
Sauce Pecorino Romano D.O.P. It is ideal as a condiment for all types of pasta (pasta and semolina pasta). Ingredients: tomato sauce, olive oil, Pecorino Romano DOP 8%, sea salt, basil, garlic, black pepper.

1-jar filled with hazelnuts covered with white icing sugar 150 g ..
The recipe of these "white pearls" brings back fond memories from the past and makes you love by both smaller by the greatest. The traditional flavors are well recreated today through the encounter between the toasted hazelnuts, caliber 14 sovereign and icing sugar at the end of roasting.
Product obtained exclusively from "Piedmont Hazelnut IGP"

1-jar filled with chocolate covered hazelnuts. 150 g.
The particular flavor of toasted hazelnuts obtained from the encounter with the dark chocolate, 63% of excellent quality, will amaze anyone tasting these small "black pearls". The doses of the two main ingredients are combined so well to conquer even the most discerning palate.
Product obtained exclusively from "Piedmont Hazelnut IGP"

1-Wooden case of solid hardwood painted cm. 33,5x25x17,5

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