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Perfect basket thanks to an invitation to dinner or to express gratitude to a professional who is committed to you. A perfect gift when you want to impress a useful gift but fair and good.

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Award-winning wines, famous in Italy and abroad, the most pure and delicate oil Terra d'Otranto, the niche gourmet food products such as hazelnuts IGP Langhe, the homemade pasta to 5 flavors, the sauce with truffles and other specialties constitute ' compelling content of the basket of gourmet specially created to delight the most demanding and refined. A triumph of goodness for a very special gift.

-beautiful Basket bicolor peeled poplar

1-bottle Extra Virgin Terra d'Otranto Bottle Doric lt. 0,750
Best expresses the environmental characteristics and culture of the area. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Terra d'Otranto product from historic company Labbate in compliance with Community legislation that seeks to protect those "agricultural and food products whose characteristics are essentially or exclusively due geographical environment with its natural and human factors, and whose production, processing and preparation at the place of origin "

1-bottle of Barbera d'Asti Superiore 0,750 l
BARBERA D'ASTI SUPERIOR D.O.C.G. (Designation of origin and guaranteed). From selected grapes from the area typical of Barbera, you get this particular wine. The aging in oak barrels (barriques) enhances the organoleptic characteristics such intense aroma, full-bodied and dry. It goes well with dishes such as roasts, stews, game and also strong cheeses. Serve at 18 ° -20 ° C, possibly opening the bottle an hour before. COLOR: Red intense purple. BOUQUET: Intense, with hints of blackberry and vanilla. TASTE: Dry, savory, very persistent and round. ALCOHOL: 14% vol.

1-Bottle Lirica Primitivo di Manduria D.O.P. by 0.75l
Primitivo, a relative of the variety Plavac Mali in Croatia and Zinfandel in the United States, is a variety earlyripening, and its production center is the area east of Taranto, a coastal town located on the Ionian Sea. Intense and complex, with ripe fruit pulp red (cherry, raspberry, blackberry), in good balance with a mention toasty wood.

1 Bottle-San Felice Chianti Classico DOCG 0,75 l
The history of the estate of San Felice began in the eighteenth century when it was purchased by the family of Grisaldi Taja founder of the Chianti Classico Consortium. Grisaldi family over the centuries continues to produce Chianti Classico until 1958 when Enzo Morganti, a supporter of pure Sangiovese becomes the new owner.
Currently Leonardo Bellaccini is the sole owner of Agricola San Felice and that, after decades of experimentation with clones of Sangiovese continues to be too supporter of pure Sangiovese.
The vineyards of San Felice are situated between the sloping hills of Castelnuovo Berardenga to Siena but a small area of ​​the vineyard continues to be used for the testing of the genetic improvement of the Sangiovese grape.
The Chianti Classico is made to '80% Sangiovese, 10% Colorino, 10% Pugnitello.
It is a medium-bodied wine that goes perfectly with red meat, pasta dishes, steaks, ossibuco and aged cheeses.

1-Elegant Packaging Specialties Five Flavors 500 g
Pasta dishes with spinach, tomato, beetroot and turmeric. Expertly prepared in a traditional way to preserve all the fragrance and the balance of nature and bring on tables all over the world perfume, happiness, well-being and the delicacy of the Italian cuisine that has become art. Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, dehydrated spinach powder 3%, 3% beet powder, dehydrated tomato powder and turmeric 3% 3%.

1-Jar Toasted Hazelnuts and salt in jar 160 gr.
Toast the hazelnuts and salt are great to use for aperitifs; The natural sweetness of hazelnut combined with the coverage of sea salt, it gives a very particular taste and delicious perfect for openings lunches or dinners or simply as a snack during the breaks of the day. The varieties cultivated hazel is the Tonda Gentile Trilobata whose production is concentrated in the province of Cuneo in an area in the hills of the Langhe.
Ingredients: "Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP" - Toasted 98%, sea salt Saline di Cervia. The denomination IGP It provides users and consumers with the quality and authenticity of the product.

1-Pot Pesto alla Genovese with Basil 130 g
Pesto Genovese with Basil Genovese D.O.P. Tasty sauce for pasta and pasta dishes, excellent to vegetable soups, boiled meat, boiled potatoes, tomatoes and vegetables. Ingredients: Olive oil, cashews, basil Genovese (22%), sea salt, pine nuts.

1-Jar Cream Tartuffon 80 g.
Cream with truffles and mushrooms. And good for preparing delicious sandwiches or to accompany dishes refined.

1-Jar Red Truffle Sauce 180 g.
Red sauce with truffles. Exceptional seasoning for pasta as tajarin, tagliatelle and pappardelle. It is particularly suitable for the preparation of delicious risotto or to enrich roasts. Ingredients: tomato pulp 75%, olive oil, summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt) 3.5%, basil, onion, salt, flavor.

1-jar sauce Pecorino Romano DOP 180 g.
Sauce Pecorino Romano D.O.P. It is ideal as a condiment for all kinds of pasta (pasta and semolina pasta). Ingredients: tomato sauce, olive oil, Pecorino Romano DOP 8%, sea salt, basil, garlic, black pepper.

It contains 10 pieces Beautiful Basket.

If at the time of your order some products may be out it will still be replaced with a similar product of equal value. The decorations on the outside of the gift packs are inserted only for photo.

On request will be added to a card with your personalized greeting phrase.