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Christmas Basket Typical Italian Products


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Typical products are the food and wine delicacies that animate the tables of the Italians. For our Christmas baskets, we select only typical Italian food products made by producers who work traditional recipes for quality and goodness of the food, true taste lovers!

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Typical products are linked to a certain territory, with precise production methods closely linked to tradition and experience. In this Christmas Basket are included typical gourmet delicacies typical of Italian tradition such as Tarallini of Alberobello, Trancio Grana Padano and Venetian Merlot wine, porcini mushroom sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian and other products made in Italy.
• Bottle Merlot Veneto IGT Cantina Frassino, ml 750;
• Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian Aulus, ml 250;
• Grana Padano Grape DOP Parmareggio, g 150;
• Traditional Stink Precoated Old Food Store, g 300;
• Classical Salame Strolghino, wrapped in hand The Ancient Rocca, g 150;
• Handmade Vegetable Beef Chestnut Grassinificio Europa, g 100;
• Tarallini of Alberobello Grandmother Marietta, g 100;
• Lenticchie Portafortuna Molino bag of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, g 150;
• Tarenta Polenta Taragna Traditional Molino of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, g 250;
• Lilies Pack, Traditional Pasta Ligure Alta Valle Scrivia, g 250;
• Succulent vase with Sapri Porcini Mushrooms, g 185.
Total 12 pieces.
Packaging dimensions cm 44 x 34 x h 24.
To ensure integrity during transportation, all glass products travel packed in pluriball.
It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as a photo.