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Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket


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This Enogastronomic Christmas Gift exalts Italian culinary tradition, acknowledged and appreciated all over the world and brings the Authentic Flavors to the Italian Food and Wine Culture.

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A Christmas basket full of delicious food and wine products Made in Italy is always an original idea, a practical, creative and personalized solution, but above all an appreciated surprise. Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket:
• Bottle Cabernet Veneto IGT Cantina Frassino, ml 750;
• Dried Seedlings Duro Sepertino Cheese Dairy, g 200;
• Lardo with truffle Salumificio Gonella, g 225 ca .;
• Grana Padano Grape DOP Parmareggio, g 150;
• Salami Gonella seasoned raw salami, g 140 ca .;
• Cotechino cooked with steamed Salumificio Vecchi, g 450;
• Lenticchie Portafortuna Molino bag of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, g 150;
• Balsamic Vinegar Bottle of Modena IGP Romantica, ml 250;
• Pack of Paccheri, bronze drawn paste The Old Pastaficio di Gragnano, g 250;
• Sauce vase at the Farmer Saporie, g 185;
• Artisanal Langhetti Bags for Pecorino Grissinificio Europa, g 100;
• Tarallini of Alberobello Grandmother Marietta, g 100;
• Tuna Dried in Parodius, Olive Oil, g 150.
Total 14 pieces.
Packaging dimensions cm 44 x 34 x h 24.
To ensure integrity during transportation, all glass products travel packed in pluriball. It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as a photo.