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Rich Christmas Basket of Italian Golosità


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This gourmet basket, thanks to the quantity of the products contained, is a true dispensation for party lunches. In fact, from the appetizer to the sweet you will find all the basic ingredients to make delicious menus.

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This large wicker basket with wooden handles contains 21 products: from wine to cheeses, to truffle sauce, to truffles, pasta, sauce, polenta, tuna, lentils, wine, sparkling wine, panettone and the coffee does not miss anything, and with the cook's fancy (or chef) the success of each course is guaranteed!
• Panettone Milano with natural casting, hand woven Galup, g 750;
• Bottle Bonding Mionetto Sparkling Mionetto, ml 750;
• Bottle Merlot Veneto IGT Cantina Frassino, ml 750;
• Stagionato Cheese Seed Vej Nostral Piemonteis Dairy Sepertino, g 200;
• Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian Aulus, ml 250;
• Classical Salame Strolghino, wrapped in hand The Ancient Rocca, g 150;
• Lardo with truffle Salumificio Gonella, g 225 ca .;
• Seasonal Pancetta Gonella Salumificio, g 225 ca .;
• Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Parmareggio cheese, g 150;
• Tin Coffee Coffee Monoarabica Illycaffè, g 125;
• Rice Arborio Tartufo Bella Italia, g 200;
• Strangozzi, homemade pasta with twine binding Ancient Pastificio Umbro, g 250;
• Tartu Sauce Tartu Fruit Tartu, g 130;
• Box of Biscuits at Caffè La Sassellese, g 100;
• Artisanal Langhetti Bags for Pecorino Grissinificio Europa, g 100;
• Tarenta Polenta Taragna Traditional Molino of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, g 250;
• Traditional Stink Precoated Old Food Store, g 300;
• Lenticchie Portafortuna Molino bag of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, g 150;
• Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea Angel Parodi, g 60;
• Tuna Dried in Parodius, Olive Oil, g 150.
Total 21 products.
Packaging dimensions cm 60 x 43 x h 31.
To ensure integrity during transportation, all glass products travel packed in pluriball. It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as a photo.