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A triumph of elegance, goodness and sweetness for the palate, all enclosed in a beautiful container. A Christmas gift that will talk about you! An exclusive gift not for sale at any other store.

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A praline pulls the other and there's never enough for everyone! Big and small will appreciate this Christmas basket for both the beauty of the items it encloses and the delicious amount of the great chocolate it contains. Also interesting is the bottle of sparkling, non-alcoholic soft grape juice added, with which everyone can smoothly toast.
- Beautiful wicker white woven wicker box;
-Letter of Christmas containing 315 g of chocolate milk bottles Vanoir stuffed with hazelnut cream;
- Golden Star containing 255 grams of late-chocolate bottles of Vanoir milk filled with hazelnut cream;
-Cubotto Royal containing 315 g of late-boyles of milk chocolate Vanoir stuffed with cream of hazelnuts;
- Prestige Packaging containing 170 g of extra chocolate chocolate pralines filled with cocoa cream;
- Vanoir Hazelnut Jar Jar - 180 g;
- 1Kg pack of Vanoir chocolate pralines;
- Bottle of Grape Juice Non-alcoholic sparkling wine without added sugar 0,75 l.
BOX MEASURES cm 39x25xh22.
To ensure integrity during transportation, all glass products travel packed in pluriball. It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as a photo. In compliance with Customer's privacy, our gift packs are rewrapped in neutral paper.