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Gift basket Waiting for Christmas 2018


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Waiting for Christmas everyone is happy to receive gifts and the food and wine gift is more and more widespread and required if then and fascinating and original as this will be even more appreciated.

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Colorful and festive this basket can also be used as a company strenna. A discreet gift but full of sweet goodness chocolate, biscuits, panettone and sparkling wine for the joy of adults and children.

• Wooden basket with handles, fabric-lined interior;

• Panettone Milano classico, wrapped by hand Pasticceria Vergani, 750 g;

• Cabernet Cantine Frassino, bt. 75 cl;

• Steamed Cotechino Salumificio Vecchi, 500 g;

• Molino lucky lentils of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, 150 g;

• Risotto with porcini mushrooms Allemandi, 250 g;

• Gragnano PGI Pasta I Caprese Fiancanties The Old Pasta Factory of Gragnano, 250 g;

• Gianduiotti Baratti & Milano, ballottin 70 g;

• Salumificio Gonella aged salami, about 140 g;

• IGP Piedmont hazelnut biscuits La Sassellese, 90 g;

• Jacobsen Bakery tea biscuits, 150 g;

• Sicilian Nougat covered with Di Costa vanilla icing, 100 g;

• Grilled vegetables appetizer Saporie, jar 185 g;

• Sparkling Sweet Millesimato 2017 Cantine Cav. Baskets bt. 75 cl;

• Chocolate with grains of Baratti & Milano arabica coffee, tablet 75 g;

• Illy monoarabic ground coffee, tin 125 g;

Total pieces 16;

dim. packing H 35 x W 39 x D 38.50 cm.

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