Rich and Festive Christmas Basket - Cod.117

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Sober and important, this gourmet basket is the classic corporate gift or for families that everyone would like to receive at Christmas!



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Rich in high quality products, it is truly everyone's dream! Hand-wrapped Panettone Tre Marie, prized wine, Spumante Mionetto, high-patisserie products, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Gragnano pasta, balsamic vinegar and many other products are contained in this splendid basket that is truly an invitation to the Christmas dinner of irresistible goodness !


Wooden storage basket with decorations; Tre Marie hand-wrapped panettone 750 g; Bottle Mionetto Vivo Cuvée blanc spumante 11° - 750 ml; Bottle Cástano Merlot 11° - 750 ml; Lindt Lindor milk chocolate pralines 150 g; Fiore almond Ricciarelli biscuits 72 g; Fiore chocolate Cantucci biscuits 100 g; Sperlari Morbidelli sweets 90 g; Vanoir Torcetti biscuits with honey 220 g; Sperlari Morbide Gelatine soft fruit jellies 100 g; Bellucci cooked cotechino sausage 250 g; Tenuta del Cervo lentils 175 g; Antichi Sapori d’Italia Strolghino salami 150 g; 2 packets La Loggia dei Grani fusilloni pasta 250 g; Tenuta del Cervo porcini mushroom sauce 185 g; Bontàloro dried mixed

mushrooms with porcini 15 g; Il Grano d’Oro di Puglia box of taralli 100 g;


Total 18 pieces, Packing dimensions 80x30xh28 cm.

What is not expressly described in the content is just a decorative element for photographic setting. Product packaging is carried out scrupulously by hand to ensure its integrity during transport.

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