Gourmet Gold Treasure Chest - Cod.119

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Christmas Gift Box Treasure Chest Greetings Gourmet Gold not to be missed, full of high gastronomy products signed by the leading brands in this sector!



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In view of one of the most popular holidays of the year, we have achieved

Cesto Forziere Christmas Greetings Gourmet Gold that, besides containing valuable goodies, also has a very elegant packaging. It includes:


Tre Marie low panettone hand-wrapped 750 g; Bottle

Sparkling wine Mionetto Vivo Cuvée Blanc Extra dry 11 ° -

750 ml; Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Bellaia DOC 12.5 bottle

- 750 ml; Pennoni Dalla Costa pasta package 250 g;

Boules Lindor milk Lindt bearing box 150 g; Packaging

Illy coffee 125 g; Strolghino Salami Ancient Flavors of Italy

150 g; Lindor chocolate bar by Lindt 100 g; Slice

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged 12 months 150 g; Packaging

Torcetti with Vanoir butter 200 g; Peasant-style pepper jar

Bontàloro 285 g; Jar of artichokes in Bontàloro oil 285 g;

Fine package of Gisa tuna in olive oil 160 g; Jar

mascarpone and walnut sauce Tenuta del Cervo 185 g;


Total 15 pieces; Packaging dimensions 50x30xh28 cm.

What is not expressly described in the content is just a decorative element for photographic setting. Product packaging is carried out scrupulously by hand to ensure its integrity during transport.

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