Luxurious Christmas Gift Basket Champagne Mumm - Cod.123

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The very elegant Mumm screen-printed basket contains the bottle Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge 12 ° - 750 ml, the Pair of Flûte Mumm glasses and a series of superior quality food and wine products.

A rich exclusive gift suitable for people who are important to you, such as family and friends, but also collaborators and customers.



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MUMM SCREEN-PRINTED BASKET; Pair of Flûte Mumm glasses; Tre Marie low panettone hand-wrapped 750 g; Champagne bottle Mumm Cordon Rouge 12 ° - 750 ml; Mionetto white wine bottle 11 ° twine binding - 750 ml; Milk chocolate pralines box with soft Lindor filling 150 g; N ° 2 Fusilloni pasta packs La Loggia dei Grani 250 g; Vanoir Butter Torcetti Pack 200 g; Balsamic vinegar IGP of Modena Diamante Nero 250 ml; Lindor chocolate bar by Lindt 100 g; Slice of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged 30 months 150 g; Bontàloro peasant style pepper jar 285 g; Jar of artichokes in Bontàloro oil 285 g; Strolghino Salami Ancient Flavors of Italy 150 g; Porcini mushroom sauce jar Tenuta del Cervo 185 g;



Total 16 pieces; Packaging dimensions 60x40xh28 cm.

What is not expressly described in the content is just a decorative element for photographic setting. Product packaging is carried out scrupulously by hand to ensure its integrity during transport.

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