Gift Basket Christmas Thought - Cod. 127

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This beautiful rectangular wicker painted kitchen basket with handles and decorative fabric ribbon is just a particular Christmas thought that everyone will appreciate very much.



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Rich of good products of our Made in Italy food and wine, will make it clear to all those to whom you will give it that you have chosen for them quality products and rich in flavor. In fact, from the Veneto IGT wine to the vintage Rosé sparkling wine, from the excellent cured meats to Illi coffee or traditional pasta, there is everything you need to create a good and genuine Christmas menu.



1 Panettone Classico Milanese, hand-wrapped Tre Marie, g 750;

1 Bottle Spumante Dolce Millesimato 2019 Cantine Cav. Baskets, ml 750;

1 Bottle Merlot Cantine Cav. Baskets, ml 750;

1 Salame al Barolo specialty Salumificio Gonella, about 125 g;

1 box of steamed cotechino Salumificio Vecchi, g 450;

1 Bag of Molino Lucky Lentils from Borgo S. Dalmazzo, 150 g;

1 Bottle of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Varvello, ml 250;

1 Package Pasta di Gragnano IGP I Fidanzati Capresi Il Vecchio Pastificio di Gragnano, g 250;

1 Jar of Saporie Farmer's Sauce, g 185;

1 Pack of Minestrone specialties from the Molino Farmer of Borgo S. Dalmazzo, g 250;

1 Jar of Peaches in Syrup Fattoria dei Sapori, g 615;

1 Ballotin Classic Caffarel Chocolates, g 80;

1 Box of L’Albereto Assorted Chocolate and Raisin Biscuits, 150 g;

1 Baratti & Milano 88% Cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate Bar, 75 g;

1 package Soft Amaretti Amaretti Virginia, 80 g;

1 Can of Illycaffè Monoarabica Ground Coffee, g 125;


Total 17 pieces.

Packaging dimensions cm 54 x 39 x h 29.

What is not expressly described in the content is just a decorative element for photographic setting. Product packaging is carried out scrupulously by hand to ensure its integrity during transport.

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