Christmas Gift Basket Traditional Traditions – Cod.132

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Rich Christmas basket containing an infinite number of fine food and wine products and Italian sweets. The elegant bleached wicker storage container is lined inside and can be used as a piece of furniture.



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The tradition of our Mediterranean diet and the Christmas festivities contained in a beautiful gift basket containing the most representative food and wine products of our regions such as the traditional Ligurian pasta, the Emilian salami, the Piedmontese rice, the Liquoroso Il Santo wine, the Cooked Cotechino or Milanese panettone. A triumph of goodness, quality and genuineness.



1 Panettone Classico Milanese, hand-wrapped Tre Marie, g 750;

1 Bottle Ferrari Maximum Rosé Trento DOC Ferrari, ml 750;

1 Bottle Cabernet Cantine Cav. Baskets, ml 750;

1 Salami with Truffle Salumificio Gonella specialty, approx. 150 g;

1 slice of Virgilio Grana Padano PDO, 150 g;

1 box of steamed cotechino Salumificio Vecchi, g 450;

1 Bag of Molino Lucky Lentils from Borgo S. Dalmazzo, 150 g;

1 Pack of Gigli, traditional Ligurian Pasta Alta Valle Scrivia, 250 g;

1 Jar of Sauce with Saporie Mushrooms, g 185;

1 Orcetto Peppers alla Peasant Bontaloro, g 285;

1 Jar of Peaches in Syrup Fattoria dei Sapori, g 615;

1 Bottle of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Varvello, ml 250;

1 L’Albereto Cantuccini Chocolate Box, g 100;

1 Pack of Pastries filled with Monviso Group Hazelnut cream, 150 g;

1 Baratti & Milano Extra Dark Chocolate Bar, 75 g;

1 Pack of Pralines with Moscato d'Asti DOCG Mandrile & Melis, 120 g;

1 Soft Nougat Stick covered with I Siciliani Cocoa, g 100;

1 box "Via del Cacao", Caffarel assorted filled chocolates, g 160;

1 Hazelnut Cake Specialty of Piedmont Biscottificio Roero, g 250;



Total 20 pieces.

Packaging dimensions 60 x 43 x 31 h cm.

What is not expressly described in the content is just a decorative element for photographic setting. Product packaging is carried out scrupulously by hand to ensure its integrity during transport.

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