About us

Welcome to our b2b e-commerce site specializing in corporate gifts of Christmas baskets and wine and food gift packages. We select excellent food on the territory to create unique and precious Christmas baskets. We create Christmas gift packs for companies with products that convey the tastes of Italian cuisine, true treasures of Made in Italy.

We have been working in this sector for 25 years and many Italian and foreign companies have been buying our gift baskets, our gourmet packages and the unique wine gift boxes for all occasions and holidays for years.

We are very proud of our experience that allows us to sell the best of Italian production at competitive prices since there are no intermediate steps between us and our customers.

Our website www.weihnachtenkorbe.com is innovative and easy to use.

As soon as the customer sends an order, we are able to deliver it within a few hours when the destination is Italy, and within a few days when the package has to be delivered to European countries.

Particular attention is given to packaging because our precious packages must travel in complete safety, avoiding inconvenience to us and above all to our customers.

Discover and buy our products now!

We thank you for visiting our site and for the trust you will give us.

Iose Tina Sberna

Born in Turin where she graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, for over 15 years she was the manager of a home delivery company of mineral waters and fine wines. Currently she is the public relations manager of www.weihnachtenkorbe.com where she applies her commercial know-how to the online sale of typical Italian food and wine products. Her curiosity and interest in this sector have strengthened her conviction more and more that "Italian products are the flavor of Italy because their culture is closely linked to the territory, history and traditions". She says: "Italians they should promote and make known their territory and their artistic heritage thanks to the lands of wine and gastronomic products, witnesses of ancient culture, of deep-rooted traditions and of good cuisine.

Through our e-commerce we want to promote Italian food and wine and tell the world about our fantastic history and our culture in order also to entice foreign tourists to visit Italy, discover our country and taste our unique specialties in the world."

Federica Scanderebech

Federica was born in Turin where she graduated in Political Science.

He is currently the manager of www.weihnachtenkorbe.com, where he manages the online platform and is also responsible for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

Thanks to her passion for computers and the continuous updating in social networks she has become an expert in social e-commerce and in order to apply her know-how to a business she has decided to create this new e-commerce.

Federica has always been passionate about everything concerning the Mediterranean diet and consumes only genuine foods and drinks that help our health and our mental well-being, often preventing serious pathologies. Red wine, for example, an important component of the Mediterranean diet, in doses moderate plays an important role in our health. Federica says: "Everyone now knows the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet rich in products that even reduce stress and depression! So why not drink a good glass of red wine every day and consume the genuine foods of our land? I I'm already doing! "


Two women lead the company together with experts who select each product with care and severity, buying them directly from Italian companies without intermediate steps. We have a long experience in the sale of Gastronomic Corporate Gifts, we love our work and we are proud of the service and products we offer to our Customers whose satisfaction is our absolute priority.

Federica Scanderebech e Iose Tina Sberna